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  1. Greetings-

    I have been using your plugin for quite some time now. Works like a charm – thanks!

    I recently upgraded to WP v3.6 – are there any issues? For some reason, I cannot get a member to be created in Wishlist now although ‘nothing’ has changed.


  2. Hi Paul

    No issues I am aware of. I’m using it successfully on some WP 3.6 sites (I tend to use a somewhat enhanced “pro” version of the plugin for my client sites – but the underlying mechanics are identical).

    Check the Outgoing API (beta) link from inside nanacast – this will show the attempts from nanacast to send the message to wishlistcast – along with any messages back from wishlistcast. A “good” answer is blank. Some message types from nanacast are ignored and will give a warning message to this effect that you can safely ignore.

    I did recently help out someone who had changed their hosting setup and was getting blocked by mod_security – so the messages weren’t even getting through to Wishlistcast.

    Anyway – see if these help – otherwise, reach out on Skype (steve.ovens) – happy to try to help you track it down.



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