WishlistCast goes open source

Over 5 years ago, I released the first version of Wishlistcast – a plugin to link the Nanacast shopping cart and the popular Wishlist Member membership plugin for WordPress.

Since its release, countless folks have downloaded the free Wishlistcast plugin – and it has benefited greatly from the feedback provided.

In addition, it has connected me with clients, fellow WordPress enthusiasts, Nanacast specialists and opened doors to a wide range of diverse coding projects.

It’s been an absolute blast and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

However… all things come to an end… and after turning down several WordPress membership projects this year, and too often finding “wishlistcast”-related queries at the bottom of my inbox – I’ve realised it’s time for me to open Wishlistcast up so others can work on it.

To that end I have open-sourced the code for Wishlistcast. Any WordPress-PHP developer can now access and feel free to modify the code here:


You can download the latest version of the plugin here:


You can get the “PRO” version (previously only available to my personal clients) here:


Note that these are offered completely on an “as-is” basis. (They DO work with latest WordPress and Wishlist Member and Nanacast). I can no longer offer any sort of support or installation service for these plugins. If you need technical help, then any competent WordPress developer will be able to get these up and running. Sites like UpWork.com or Fiverr.com are a good place to find skilled people for small tasks. If you need WordPress specialists for larger projects, then I HIGHLY recommend TopTal.

And if you’re wondering what I’m up to…

Nowadays I’m focussing on realtime and mobile app development using full-stack Javascript and MongoDB (Meteor) – which is quite different from WordPress/PHP and MySQL. If you’re interested, you’ll find me over at wellcraftedapps.com.

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